The year is almost over and I must say it has been a good one ……..over all. I finally released my second solo album , with a lot of help from Jørn Christensen (advising, mixing, playing and producing with me) and not to forget my fellow musicians and my understanding family.

The title track “Soundwave” made it to the A-list on NRK P1 , which led to a lot of really good gigs, events, festivals and private gigs.

My CD Soundwave was bought by the Purchasing scheme, administrated by the Norwegian Council for Cultural Affairs. The purpose of the scheme is to “encourage a diverse and creative production environment for phonograms of music by performers and composers in Norway.” The purchasing scheme are distributing 555 copies of a selected CD to libraries, schools and other cultural institutions.

So all in all my solo project has moved forward and I am very encouraged to continue writing and performing my own music.

Family wise we are in a good place and everyone is healthy and doing fine. I am really looking forward to a peaceful holiday with lots of good food, family, films, Disney classics and love.

I wish you all Happy Holidays!

See you next year!

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