New homepage

This is my official and personal homepage! I will be updating you on shows, releases and whatever falls into my mind …………

Have a wonderful Christmas Holiday in the meantime!!!

My latest single “freelance” released 11.11.2011.

Produced by Jørn Christensen and myself.

Musicians: Paulin Voss, Jørn Christensen, Helge Nysted, Jørun Bøgeberg

additional strings: Gun Skoglund Voss, Günter Voss

I am singing in my first language swedish, for the first time, and the song is about my life as a freelance musician, about how I want to make things happen instead of just sitting at home waiting for someone to call me for their new musical project.

“I will play if you listen for a while. Earning money for my bread and water.”

with fantastic artwork by Francesco D’Isa

Freelance - Single - Paulin Voss